Things that occurred to me while watching Les Miz

– I should rewatch Gladiator.
– The ship in the intro part is huge!!
– I loved Gladiator.
– I should also rewatch Wolverine.
– Can’t wait for the new X-Men.
– The Young Magneto was great in Prometheus.
– That street barricade made out of furniture is huge!!
– I love Borat.
– Helena Bonham Carter was great in Fight Club.
– I should rewatch Fight Club.
– I used to take French in high school.
– That would suck living in Paris back then.
– I wonder if Bigfoot was around back then.
– I should rewatch Kiss of the Dragon.
– I should relearn French.
– Was this after DaVinci? Yeah. Pretty sure.
– Loved The Insider; Al Pacino’s good in that too.
– I should rewatch Heat.
– Wait! Credits? Fast movie.
– I should get a haircut.


Check-out My Dad’s new book

Hey everyone!

My Dad’s new book, “Play Me Something Quick and Devilish” is about old time fiddlers in Missouri (my home state) and is now available for pre-order!

I’ve grown-up with old time Missouri style fiddling in my family all my life, and generations of my family members have been musicians in Missouri.

Also, my Dad was nominated for a couple of Grammy’s back in the day. Neat!

This book was a real labor of love for my Dad and I’m excited to read it and if I was still in 6th grade it would definitely be one I’d use for a book report.  (After Lord of the Rings for the 3rd time, obviously.)

Order it now via this incredible, easy-to-access online link!


NATO Chicago 2012

Earlier this week, I had the honor of introducing guest speakers at the Chicago’s 2012  NATO summit at Navy Pier.

The event was an end-of-the-weekend dinner and after party for delegates, host committee members, and lots of neat folks from the Chicago political scene.  Had a great time rolling with Rev. Jesse Jackson, IL Governor Pat Quinn, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, and a dude who looked like Santa Claus.

My participation in the gig was thanks to the Walter E. Smithe Brothers, who brought me on board to introduce them as guest emcee’s and punch-up some jokes for their intro bits.  So, in a sense, I introduced the introducers.  There were surprise fireworks at the end of the night and we saw Coast Guard boats floating around as Obama and company spoke and met at the Field Museum down the street.

One of my favorite Chicago bands, Tributasaurus, played a couple of killer sets and the menu consisted of Chicago hot dogs, pizza and tons of other fun odds and ends.  A real neat Chicago night.


Schad at the Gallery Cabaret!

Coming up!  Schad is performing at the Gallery Cabaret on Saturday, May 19th at 10 pm!  Guests include Ever Mainard, Ian Belknap, Samantha Irby and more!

As always, the Gall Cab makes free food and gives us some great drink specials — and Burt the Regular is always on hand for whatever he’s on hand for.

See ya there!


Good Morning, Caprica!

Vancouver, British Columbia is home to a bevy of kick ass sci-fi shows and films — and, as luck would have it, improv comedy. With that in mind, we bring you “Good Morning, Caprica,” a new improvised talk show I’m performing alongside Diana Frances and the stars of sci-fi, based on their real-life experiences. How cool is that. Added bonus! As an American, I’ll be onsite to provide help with things ranging from health care consultation to the Dewey Decimal System.

The show is part of the Ultimate Improv Challenge on Thursday, May 18th at 9.15 pm at Vancouver TheatreSports League.

This week features Roman Danylo (Jeremiah) and Graeme Duffy (Battlestar Galactica, Fringe).

Big ups to the awesome folks at VTSL!

See you there!




Shows in Vancouver

I’m headed to Vancouver for a bit and hope to see y’all while on stage with VTSL!

Vancouver, B.C. is home to some great comedy and now having performed twice with the Vancouver TheatreSports League, I can guarantee that the shows are fast, furious and a ton of fun. The theater is located on a gorgeous little spot called Granville Island. It’s an actual island with some shops, a store that looks like it should be a Patagonia outlet, and an improv theater. Fun!

If you’re in the neighborhood, check ‘em out. Tell ‘em I sent ya!


Workshop at Second City Toronto

Coming soon! I’ll be heading north for a workshop at Second City Toronto on April 21st to teach a day-long intensive. Also gonna do a show alongside Rob Norman at Comedy Bar, details coming soon. For now, though, here’s the info on the workshop. If you’re in the area, I hope to see you there!

Register HERE!

This 5-hour workshop will focus on the value of building an ensemble, discovering and playing to strengths, and experimenting with environments and long-form styles.

It will begin with a practical round-table discussion on forming and building an independent ensemble, self-producing, developing practical marketing skills, and quickly translating stage content to all forms of digital media. The day will then transition to an intensive afternoon focusing on long-form fundamentals, formats and acting — and will culminate in a fully-improvised slow-burn comedic one-act play.

Date: Saturday April 21; 10am-3pm

Pre-requisite: Longform I and or Conservatory 2

Tuition: $125.00+HST SPECIAL DEAL! Register for this class AND the Steven Kampann “Writing Your Own Screenplay” and SAVE $25.00 (not in conjunction with any other offer or discount). Call the office to register with the discount!




Schadenfreude Episode 1: “This Is Where the Title of the Show Is Going to Go Every Week, Except for This Week, Because We Had to Tell You Where the Title’s Gonna Go”

The debut episode begins with a tribute to a famous filmmaker, followed by their brand new theme song and ongoing introductions to everyone at the party. The world famous Konstutional Kaperz return to the stage, Man on the Street Mark Hanner develops a new staging of Glengarry Glen Ross, Susan and Jaime host their own television show, and Alderman Ed Bus has a few things to say about Chicago’s 53rd Ward.

Oh, and did we mention Mayor Daley?


Schadenfreude Episode 3: “The Third Rail”

This week we ask you:

Ever question the voltage of the infamous third rail?

Ever wish you knew the name of every train stop in the city?

Ever witness an interrogation by the notorious El Cops?

Ever notice mating patterns in the parks of Wicker and Lincoln?

Ever see a folksinger perform in a church basement?

Ever wonder what happened to Tracy Chapman?

Ever ever ever ever ever?

Hmmm, yeah.

Us too.